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Adept ® Insect Growth Regulator

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Adept ® Insect Growth Regulator 

Adept insect growth regulator (IGR) is an effective tool for controlling fungus gnats, shore flies, and foliar feeding pests on ornamental crops grown in greenhouses, shadehouses, and interiorscapes. 


Adept is a 25% WP formulation of the active ingredient Diflubenzuron. 

Adept can be used in repeat applications as a soil treatment or foliar spray in enclosed commercial greenhouses, shadehouses, all fruits/vegetables and interiorscapes.  

Adept binds rapidly to organic matter, is not affected by irrigation, and it has 30 to 60 day residual activity against fungus gnat larvae. 


Insects controlled:

Larvae of fungus gnats, shore flies, armyworms, leafminers and suppression of whiteflies.


Advantages of Adept : 

  • Long residual activity (30-60 days) against fungus gnat larvae 
  • Excellent fungus gnat control 
  • Low use rates 
  • Little to no effect on beneficial insects and mites

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Adept ® Insect Growth Regulator

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