Eagle ™ 20EW Fungicide
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Eagle ™ 20EW Fungicide 

1 Pint Bottle



Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide provides excellent control of a wide variety of lawn and turf diseases including dollar spot and brown patch and is labeled for use on major turf varieties, landscape ornamentals, and backyard fruit trees and vines.  Eagle 20 EW comes in a convenient liquid formulation that is mixed with water and applied to target lawn, fruit trees, herbs, fruit bearing plants like tomatoes.


Target pests: Please see the product label for complete list. Controls Dollar spot Brown patch, Anthracnose, Spring dead spot, Necrotic ring spot, Red thread, Leaf spot, Powdery mildew, Rusts, Zoysia large patch, Septoria leaf spot, Zonate Leaf Spot and more.


  • Item #: Eagle 20EW Fungicide Pint

Eagle ™ 20EW Fungicide Pint

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