Floramite SC, Super Concentrate. Want to control your garden, without your garden bugs controlling you! Real growers have found this product as the answer!
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8 oz. Bottle


Sirocco provides quick knockdown and long residual control of a wide variety of insects and pests such as thrips and mites. Sirocco may be used in greenhouse, shadehouses, nurseries (including Christmas tree / conifer plantations), landscapes and interiorscapes.


Advantages of Sirocco®:
• Up to 28 days of control

• Multiple modes of action (this New Addition! provides the most up to date desired results attained by Floramite, now for years. Since mites tolerance can gain stronger over time, alternating between Floramite and Sirocco.

• Low use rates

• Quick knockdown

• Broad spectrum control of insects and mites


Pests Controlled: Mites such as: Broad mite, Cyclamen mite, Lewis mite, Two-spotted spider mite. Insects such as: Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies and Leafminers. (Suppression only on aphids, thrips and whiteflies.)

Sirocco is effective on insects and mites through contact and residual activity.
Sirocco’s two unique modes of action make it a great fit in a resistance management strategy.

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Sirocco® Miticide

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